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Published: 2021-09-11 18:15:09
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In the story of,"KCCB's Missing Masterpiece", by Scott Hammond, a popular commercial television stations in the medium sized midwestern city had a reputation for having a strong commitment to local programming news was losing it's rating to a up and coming news station. In an attempt to boost it's rating the television station came up with a plan to do a documentary called "Daddy, I want to play football". KCCB followed an eighteen-year-old cancer victim who was trying to make the football team at a well-known high school. On the date the documentary suppose to have aired the station could not find the tape and this upset its viewers. The next day after the incident took place the station manager wanted answers about the missing tape. Upon an investigation the station manager realized there was a break down in communication and a list of other problems between the staff and managers.
One of the key facts and data is KCCB is one of three commercial television stations in the medium sized Midwestern city. The station had a reputation for having a strong commitment to local programming news. The 6pm and 10pm news programs had a long tradition of quality, and until a year ago had the same amount of views as both of the other news stations combined. KCCB commercial time sold at a higher rate because of its success. The station averages a growth in revenue of twenty three percent for the last five years. "Pg.61" KCCB made almost half its revenue selling commercial time during the local news. The second big money maker was sport production, because KCCB owned the broadcast rights to the National Basketball Association (NBA) professional team. The station typically broadcast between twenty and thirty games a year. "Pg.62"
The Identifying relationships between KCCB staff consisted of Ann Howard as the programming director, Bob Gibson as the Station manager, Roy Hart as the news director and Jack Hawkins producer and director in the programming department. "Pg.61-63" The first identifying relationship was fraternization between the station manager and one of his employees. Hawkins and Gibson going out for a beer can send the wrong message to the rest of the KCCB staff. This gives off the impression that Jack Hawkins receives special privileges because he has a buddy-buddy relationship with the boss. "Pg.63" The third identifying relationship deals with Jack Hawkins not respecting Bill Jay his manager. Bill stated Jack did want he wanted to do and he knew he could not be fired. Jack said the only reason he stays around is for the benefits and to fulfill his life long mission of giving Jay a hard time. The fourth situation deals with the producers almost have no contact with the staff. The manager stated the workers worked in different locations; they control their own budget and set their own hours."Pg.65"

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