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Published: 2021-09-13 16:05:08
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It's scary. As a child I didn't know my deepest fear. I was always carefree and always looking for something to get into at recess. Nothing really mattered much then. I was young and care free.
It sounds crazy but I used to hear whispers when I entered middle school. Not those from scary films, but the ones of those who never believed I would be where I am today. There were a few people of my past who didn't believe I'd get very far in life, most of them my middle school teachers. I wasn't always the best student overall. I was always the class clown but I always managed to get my work completed. I maintained a 3.0 while being sent to detention at least twice a week. Those teachers who doubted would never give me a break. They thought it was impossible for someone as courageous, witty, playful, spontaneous, outspoken and mischievous as me should ever maintain academic success.
In 8th grade my health teacher gave me a D. He told me "You deserve an F, I'm giving you a break. Why should it matter, You won't graduate. You'll just drop out. You can count college out of the picture !" I guess my jokes in class overlooked the B+ work I was doing in my classes.From that point on I lost all hope . I went back to that care free girl I was after recess. My 9th grade year I only maintained C-grades to play basketball . It wasn't at all my best effort. Little did I know my future was on the line after that year.

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