Lady Gaga's Music Video, "alejandro" Should Be Banned

Published: 2021-09-13 15:20:10
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Lady Gaga's MV glorifies immoral values and make them appear to be neutral
Firstly throughout the entire video, Gaga often wears nothing more than a bikini and the male dancers are always half naked. This seems to promote the notion that wearing skimpy clothing is acceptable. But this is entirely untrue, especially for the vulnerable young fans who adore Gaga. Children who are clad "sexily" due to Gaga's influence are not only appalling but also clearly exemplify how Gaga's actions can manipulate the susceptible of the society in a very negative way. The young fans of Gaga, especially the girls, would not understand that being dressed in such a way actually disrespects their own body. Being so absorbed in idolizing Gaga, the children would not think that they are in fact imposing a sexually objectified role upon themselves through their racy outfits. Young girls should not turn into sex objects nor evaluate themselves according to a sexualized model of feminine physical attractiveness. However, being exposed to Gaga's MV makes them confront the issue of sexual identity at a very young age, hence it is far more easy for them to have a misconception of sexual identities. Besides, being so skimpily clad merely results in children being more vulnerable to pedophiles and sex trafficking. Clearly, neither Gaga nor the children's parents care to protect or correct the minds of these naïve children; hence the MV must be banned to prevent corroding more immature minds.

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