Language Ploicy in Bangladesh

Published: 2021-09-12 06:35:13
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Our prime minister Sheikh Hasina said, the important aspect of the education policy

of Bangladesh is that it gives importance to religion, science and technical education.

This policy includes the importance of education that is helpful to get job in material

world .The country will progress by developing knowledge of modern science and


Our education minister said, major aim of this education policy is to ensure that

our next generation is provided with real education and knowledge of science and

technology and they will become skilled human resource respectful and committed to

people and inspired by patriotic spirit. There is a need for huge investment to expand


To give importance to ICT along with math science and English to build up a

digital Bangladesh ,to promote and develop languages and cultures of the indigenous and

small ethnic groups ,to ensure efficient and correct teaching of Bangla language, these are

in aims and objectives of our LEP. Creating equal opportunities to ensure access of all

sections of children to primary education irrespective of ethnicity, socio-economic

conditions, physical or mental challenges and geographical differences ,to facilitate

learning in the mother languages of the indigenous peoples and small ethnic groups at the

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