Less Dead Victims - Victims of Serial Killers and Date Rapist

Published: 2021-09-13 22:15:11
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"Less Dead" Victims
Victims of serial killers and date rapist are considered "less dead" because predators choose their victims from groups that have been stereotype as less than suitable for society. Specific groups are looked at as low people of a community, those who have nothing going for them, the outcast, and the less desirable. "They are referred to as the "less-dead" because they were "less-alive" before their violent demise and now become "never-were". (Egger, K. 1996 p. 15, and S. Egger, 1998, p.6). Prostitutes, homosexuals, runaways, homeless, are some of the people that falls in this part of society.
Serial killers will choose victims they can have power over, people they can control and can easily dominate. These victims are prostitutes, homeless, missing children, run away teenagers, single women, elderly, homosexuals, and hospital patients. Serial killers will choose victims that they can have easy access to, people that will not draw attention to themselves.
Over the years serial killers have been made out to be heroes because of their victims being people that no one remembers, no one seems to care about. Society will separate from these less-dead victims because of what they represent. They see these types of victims as immoral, or a bad seed, drug addicts, prostitutes, people that the average person in a community does not want to associate with. Society will view these victims chosen life style as a reason they became a victim. Some will feel the victim got what he or she deserved based on the life style they were living.

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