Letter of Advice

Published: 2021-09-13 22:25:10
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Letter of Advice
Interpersonal Communication
Samantha Duhn
March 12th 2012


You have come to me to assist you on how to effectively communicate in your relationship. After taking the class interpersonal communication for my nursing degree, I feel confident enough to give you some advice on your relationship that will help what you get married. We all know the golden saying that "communication is key". We also know that in a relationship we need to be considerate about one another's feelings and to always be open and honest. These are some of the lessons that a parent should teach us when we were younger. But, the biggest question is, how do we apply them to our life and use these practices with a positive outcome. Space as we get older and start to settle down it seems to become lost. Within this letter will touch base is of important areas the communication that I believe will help to review with communication that will help you in your future married life and beyond.
Conflict in a relationship is not always a bad thing. There are times where you will just butt heads with one another. These conflicts are usually short-lived and resolve themselves. Occasionally you may have to deal with situations from each other, kids, and past relationships that'll make you feel uncomfortable and may cause miscommunication between you. But as long as you heed my vice and always communicate through situations like this you can overcome them and stay together. According to Orbuch, people can chat for hours and never at one time, discuss amino for significant contents; therefore, couples can improve and develop sustainable communication that is proven useful in relationships that endure for life (Schoenberg,2011).

I will first begin with an explanation of the principles of misconception of interpersonal communications and the effective communications. "Communication is a process by which we shared ideas or information with other people. Communication is commonly thought of as talking, but is much more than just speech" (Sole, 2011). Learning to communicate effectively is very important in any type or relationship. Some common misconceptions of communication are that every time we talk with someone it is considered communication, the longer someone knows a person the better they communicate, and everyone thinks that they are a good listener. These are not true when talking with people there should not be only sharing of information but key points. In the five other points within this letter, it will explain how to effectively communicate.
Self-concept is a key learning outcome for my class that I believe is beneficial. So what is self-concept? Self-concept can be defined as an appraisal of your own attributes and competencies. Self-concept is developed and maintained by the things we as humans are prone to watch or follow. Because of this, our view of ourselves can be skewed. Once you recognize the way we view ourselves, we can easily begin understand who we are as a person. This in turn, make it easier for you to be able to tell your significant other were things without worrying. You will begin to open up to one another and a brand-new way.

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