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Published: 2021-09-13 16:20:10
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No matter what a person's goal is, he or she must act to achieve it. One can't achieve a goal just by waiting to receive the tools available to achieve or for it to happen out of nowhere. I believe that one's destiny is in one's hands to a certain extent. Obviously, the socioeconomic status and country of residence of a person will have major implications on what they can achieve, but I do not believe that there is a greater being that is using us as dolls and controlling our lives, or that a greater being can help or hinder us in certain situations. Therefore, I do not think that praying for something to happen will actual change anything. I believe that the actors that can control one's path are people and society as a whole, not a supernatural being. As a result, I agree with Dennett's stance that in order to live a meaningful life one must form respectful relations with people with whom one can have intellectual conversations that make one grow as a smart person, who can achieve anything plausible in the World we live in. However, I do not think that one must have a goal during one's whole life in order to have a meaningful life, as the time when one does not have a goal is a time for growing as well. I personally have absolutely no idea what my goal is in life, not yet anyways. In order to find out what my goal in life is, I am attending one of the top universities in the World, where I am privileged enough to find people from different cultures who different points of view about any subject imaginable. This contribution of ideas and point of views help me either create an opinion on a specific subject, stand by one that I already stood by, or change my mind on the matter in hand. These points of view help me realize what I am truly passionate about and want to act on. I believe that this is the in which I will find my goal. As a result, relationships with people, wether they are professional or personal, are vital in order to figure out a goal. Waiting to have an epiphany of what I want my life to be, or what I want to achieve seems useless. Once I have figured out my goal, I will need the assistance of other people in order to achieve. Not only do I need interaction with people to keep myself from going insane ( in my opinion, humans are not a individuals that can survive alone), but I will also need it to consult with them. Other people's goodness also comes into play as their goodness can be beneficial to my goal. So, everyone should create a certain goodness in the World because even though their goodness may not be remembered in history, it will be remembered by the people helped. However, one's goal can be something that has nothing to do with achieving something that will get them in History books. Someone's goal may be to have a family and settle down. In this case,

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