Life on Mars - a Question?

Published: 2021-09-11 18:20:09
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Life On Mars

Life on Mars has been a question for people for many and many years. There have been different signs of possibilities of life on mars. Such as different ice planes, temperature and scenery that they have there. There are a lot of facts that lead up to the the possibilities of life there as well as somewhat proof of actual life on mars.

There were some proof of actual ice ,according to a source " Researchers were able to prove the soil had ice in it because it melted in the oven at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 Celsius) — the melting point of ice & dash; and released water molecules. Plans called for baking the soil at even higher temperatures next week to sniff for carbon-based compound ".Those right there are very Earth like traits, and since humans live on earth they may be able to possibly live on a different in this case the other planet would be Mars.

The scenery in mars is very similarity earth but Mars is way bigger than Earth for example there is a canyon there that takes up a lot of the United States according to one of my sources "Mars has the largest canyon in the solar system. It would reach from Los Angeles to Chicago if it was on Earth".

Mars has also had more evidence and to one of my sources it shows that there is more evidence of ice and why the ice is actually being on the planet mars. From my source "Ice on Mars". "By melting icy soil in one of its lab instruments, the robot confirmed the presence of frozen water lurking below the Martian permafrost. Until now, evidence of ice in Mars' north pole

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