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Published: 2021-09-11 23:20:12
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I believe people should live and let live. With nearly seven billion people on this planet, it seems if we all passed less judgement and tried to have more understanding of each individual's unique path it might be a better place to live. When i was a teen, with little life experience i would draw conclutions as to why people struggle so much. Whether they struggled financially, physically, emotionally,mentally, or spirituallly, i would criticize, or judgmentally point a finger and say,'Come on get it together.' Without a more experienced reality, I was less tolerant.
As an adult, I've grown so much. Looking back I see things very different. My father for example worked so hard as a truck driver. His occupation caused so much emotional turmoil for him. The very thing that took care of his family also kept him away from his family. i saw the emotional toll that took on my father. I would judge his position, 'just do something else' I would think. I didn't realize the barriers my father faced. I didn't see then that he was doing the best he cuold, living and providing for his family.
Many people face struggles while doing the best they can. Now that I have had more experience, set backs of my own,struggles that never seem to end, I am more tolerant, and much more understanding. I am a single mother to a ten year old boy. Being a single parent is a huge lesson in learning to live and let live. My son was born at twenty-four weeks gestation and his beginning was touch and go. When I was in pre-term labor the doctors gave me the most serios choice I've ever had to make. I literally had to make the to let my son live, not knowing if he would have serious health problems. I chose to let live. I would watch him struggle and fight for every breath. Not sure of his future, I was a bit critical of his progress wanting it to be faster.
My son taught me what it means to live. He still struggles, but he is vibrant and living and has minimal health problems considering his situation. His presence in my life is a constant reminder to live and let live. it doesn't make sense to judge, we don't usually know one's personal story, where they've come from or where they may go, but we are all heading in the same direction, into the future. I am grateful for my father and his work ethic, and I am gratefull to my son and his tenacity and will to live. The lessons the leading men in my life taught me, I am gratefull for, to live our personal best. I believe we should simply allow others to do the same.

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