Mise En Scene: Eclipse (twilight Saga)

Published: 2021-09-13 16:05:08
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"Mise En Scene: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Tammy Dukes

English 225: Introduction to Film

Instructor: Jeremy Douglass

April 2, 2012

To analyze mise-en-scene of a scene properly from a movie or film, it's very important to first understand what mise-en-scene is. From reading the text mise-en-scene is "everything visible in the scene used for telling the story, before the camera is even brought onto the set". (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2011) Such things may be the lighting, props, costumes, makeup, and colors. My movie of choice to analyze is The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. In Eclipse the main characters here are Bella (played by Kristen Stewart), Edward (played by Robert Pattinson), Jacob (Played by Taylor Lautner) and takes place in Seattle and once again Bella is forced to choose between her love for Vampire Edward or her friendship with Werewolf Jacob. With my analysis I will identify who played a part in production of the film and also how the elements of mise-en-scene make the different moods and the total appearance of the movie scene.
When there is talk of a movie or film that a person wants to see, the first questions that usually get asked are "Who stars in the film?" and "Who directs or produced the film?" There is more to a movie than just what we see on the screen (actors). It's who and what is behind the scenes that play a big role in production of the movie. The director, the production designer, and the art director play an important part in making a movie. David Slade is the director and basically he takes charge and directs the actors and film crew. Production manager, Paul D. Austerberry is responsible for the overall look of the film afterwards. Art designer, Jeremy Stanbridge is responsible for keeping the art department on track and organized and also conducting quality control. (Full cast and crew for Eclipse, 2010) The collaboration with the three, help create a movie for viewers enjoyment!
In the scene "You Will Always Be My Bella", the lighting seems to be soft and subtle. This tells us that the scene is showing emotions of love and intimacy because Bella and Edward are alone talking of their love for each other.
The setting of this scene takes place in Bella's bedroom. She and Edward share a moment alone as they are on her bed as Edwards assures her that he will always love her no matter what is to happen. The scene calls for a close-up view and only gives small detail to the background but we see a pillow that Edward has his head on which lets us know it's a bed. The setting combined with the lighting in this scene gives off a sense of intense feeling between the two characters.

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