How you ever wonder where the devil would go if he decided to resign from being the Lord of Hell?

How you ever wonder where the devil would go if he decided to resign from being the Lord of Hell? One the show called Lucifer you will found out. This show was based on the DC Comics characters from the series The Sandman that was created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg. Lucifer was originally on Fox, but they canceled the show after the third season. The fans of the show were not happy with this so they #SaveLucifer on all the social media. Netflix was the one that listened to the fans and brought Lucifer back and with a fourth season. The show is about how Lucifer Morningstar, played by Tom Ellis, who decided to resign from his throne just to defiance his father, God. Lucifer goes to Los Angeles, where he owns his own nightclub named Lux, with his loyal demon servant Mazikeen “Maze,” played by Lesley-Ann Brandt, where she is a bartender and a bodyguard at Lux. Lucifer then meets Detective Chloe Decker, played by Lauren German, at his nightclub when there was a homicide outside his club. After their meeting, Lucifer decided to become a consultant to the Los Angeles Police Department because he was interested in Chloe because she did not fall for his charms or his ability to compel and control people. Lucifer was also feeling emotions for Chloe that he never felt before. (Wikipedia) In the show, Lucifer there will be romance, comedy, comments from Catholics, Christians, and the faith in God in the show.
The romance on the show Lucifer is mostly between Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar. The devil and Chloe do not get along in the beginning but as Chloe spends time with Lucifer she started to like and get interested in him. On the website ScreenRant an article by Katerine Daley, titled “Lucifer: 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Relationships,” says “Chloe makes Lucifer vulnerable - physically and emotionally - and he does the same for her.” Chloe without know is the only one that can make Lucifer vulnerable because she was “put on Earth literally to enter his path.” (Daley) This is shown on the shows because Lucifer notices that when Chloe is near him he can bleed and become vulnerable. Lucifer and Chloe both will remain together no matter what because no matter what happens they stay as “the best of friends, the strongest of partners, and the most perfectly suited of romance companions.” This quotation from Daley’s article “Lucifer: 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Relationships,” is saying that Lucifer and Chloe are perfect for each other because they bring the best out of each other. That shows because on the show they become friends, they work best together then the other detective. Other then romance there is also hidden comedy on the show Lucifer.

On the show, Lucifer, there is hidden comedy that comes mostly from Lucifer himself. Lucifer is always making funny comments on the show that has the viewers laughing. The show is also known as a comedy-drama. On the website BuzzFeed there is an article by Nora Dominick titled “25 Reasons ‘Lucifer’ Is One Of The Best TV Shows Right Now,” where she writes, “Lucifer walked into the Karaoke bar screaming about drug dealers after Chloe told him not to. Lucifer: ‘I would never do that.’ (speaking Korean) ‘Hello, drug dealers!’” This means that Lucifer would do anything that he has to do to solve the cases that he and Chloe working on and you will see that on the show. Lucifer also will do anything to defend Chloe from anyone by speaking back to them in a sarcastic way. On a Youtube video by Late 20s Fan Girl titled “Trixie & Lucifer meet for the first time ・ Trixie Moments ・ Lucifer 1x1” is about when Lucifer, Detective Daniel‘Dan’ Espinoza, played by Kevin Alejandro, the ex-husband of Chloe and Trixie Espinoza, played by Scarlett Estevez, the daughter of Chloe and Dan meet.

“Lucifer: ‘She is smart. You’re the dimwit. Perhaps you should refrain from arguing in front of the child.’ Dan: ‘I don't know whether to laugh or to shoot you.’ Lucifer: ‘Surprise me.’ Trixie: ‘Isn’t he funny, Daddy?’” This was the first conversation that Lucifer and Dan had. This scene was when Dan was tilling Chloe to close the cases to was working on. During the show, you will see how Lucifer and Dan will not be getting along with each other sometimes during the show. This is mostly because Lucifer is calling Dan Detective Douche. Viewers of Lucifer are also Catholics and they do not like what they are seeing.