The first thought that occurred was to get ice cream

As me and my friends wake up from the sleepover we had last night, we walked outside to catch some fresh air. I am in my black tights and my dark blue oversized shirt, I quickly ran back inside and change into some brighter more suitable clothes for the weather. The scorching sun does not give us a chance to adjust our eyes to the brightness of its bright, shining, radiant, UV rays, before it can blind us. I check my phone for the weather, temperature, and the forecast indicated that it is 96 degrees. We all walk back inside sluggish and with sticky sweat droplets forming on our foreheads from what the blazing sun has caused. We sit on the couch and I grab the remote to turn on the television, as I am going through the channels to find something interesting to watch, I came across the news channel, the temperature has changed, it has gone up 8 degrees since I checked it ten minutes ago. The temperature is now 104 degrees, the day is proceeding to get hotter and hotter by the minute. We attempt to decide what will our hot summer day consist of to keep us cooled down, since we did not want to sit in the boring house all day.

The first thought that occurred was to get ice cream. As we arrived to the crowded, bright red and white ice cream shop that read out Bruster's Real Ice Cream in bold black letters it was very hard to find a parking spot. Driving around searching for a parking spot felt as if we were in the car for an hour, we finally found one, we parked beside a yellow mustang with two black stripes running up the front and a sky blue Nissan. We exited the car and walked up to the long line of sweaty people waiting to get their ice cream. I spotted someone wiping their moist forehead with the back of their hand, and some more people fanning themselves with a fan or anything similar to cardboard they could find. Whenever a person got their order and exited the line I got more and more excited thinking about the cold, sweet, delicious ice cream that I will be consuming soon to cool me down. After waiting for about twenty minutes in line, it was my turn to order. I decided to get a large, three scoops vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip, sprinkles, and gummy bears on the side. As soon as the ice cream got in my hand, I began eating I did not give it a chance to melt. After my friends and I finished eating our ice cream we decided to go to the beach.

The blazing hot sun was beaming down on my skin, sweat was dripping from my temple. The only thing my ears can hear are the wailing loud complaints of others complaining about how hot it is. As I walk my bare feet across the raging, burning sand on the sidewalk I am quietly complaining of the little sore indents the sand will give me after I have walked. As we make it down to the muggy beach my first reaction to the pretty glossing water was to jump into it. I jump into the first warm water from the sun shining on it all day to suddenly cool water instantly relieving me of all the heat there was, and the sticky sweat. As each of my friends jumped into the water the complaining slowly went away.

Therefore, the girls and I stayed at the relaxing beach majority of the day. The day was slowly coming to an end, which means that the sun was going in, and people were gradually leaving. I could see the fiery, bright red marks left on people's shoulders and legs from the beaming effects of the sun. The day started off with the torrid sun ripping its flaming beams into our skin and ended in a cooling, calming day at the beach.